An introduction and a look back…

Good evening fellow 40K fans! This is our first official post at Aquila Of The Ninth. Before we start to get into the nitty gritty of our content, we would like to start off with a flashback. We tend to be our own worst critics when it comes to painting-but sometimes we need to sit back and see how far we have come. I wish I could go all the way to my second edition minis, but alas cell phones and digital cameras didn’t exist yet!

So 5th Edition will have to do!

The follow photos are from the Assault on Black Reach set. There aren’t many, but it important that we establish a baseline. What many painters can find is that when they walk away from the hobby for years on end only to return and find that their panting skills may have improved….from no practice what so ever! This goes to show how much our limitations are set in the mind and not in any sort of physical skill.

It’s painfully obvious that in 2009 I still wasnt thinning my paints…what would Duncan say?!


And Also from 2009…





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