Aquila of the Ninth was created by Brother Ignatius as an outlet for a hobby that is near and dear to his hearts. His first foray into the Games Workshop world began in the Mid Nineties after playing Shadow of the Horned Rat and Space Hulk. Immediately he picked up Fantasy Battle and Second Edition 40K. He could barely get out of the rule books let alone get an actual game in! Space Hulk solidified the Blood Angels as the go to chapter!

Around the year 2000 was the first time the dice were put down. As we know in this hobby, it can happen quite often. Fast forward to 5th Edition and the dice are picked up again in the name of the Emperor!……Only to be put down again after about a year. Now we are here with 7th and back for good! Or at least we hope!

As a novice at the game (the rules have ALWAYS been confusing) we will tend to focus more on the hobby aspect. We would definitely like game play pointers however so please feel free to correct any errors we may make. We feel that although we are not the best painters, or the best kit bashers, we do bring something unique.

So please, pull up a chair, enjoy and please subscribe!

Aquila of the Ninth